It’s the Smallest Things: Our Action for NHS Change Day!

images1 in 9 babies are born prematurely (prior to 37 weeks gestation)

That’s 60,000 babies born early each year in the UK, with nearly all requiring specialist NHS neonatal care.

The Smallest Things was created to raise awareness of the realities of life in neonatal care; to cast light on an often hidden world and to campaign for more support for parents in the aftermath of their journey.

Since our launch six months ago, a constant theme has been mothers recognising their own stories in our words; but it goes further than this – for some for the first time have realised that they are not alone in their journey, that their feelings of loss, guilt and anxiety are shared by other NICU mums.

So, what is needed?

What can we change on NHS change day?

It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture or big action.

No, it’s all about the Small Things of course!

All important cuddles

All important cuddles

– A health visitor who knows to correct your babies age on their weight chart

– The GP who understands that your baby will not be meeting their ‘6 week’ check milestones… as they haven’t reached their due date yet!

– A friend who realises that just because your home, your journey is not over.

– The health visitor who really asks how you are, who listens and allows you share your story.

A doctor who understands that to a preemie or a preemie mum a cold is not just a cold.

As part of our ACTION for #NHSChangeDay we pledge to:

untitled (6)Continue to raise awareness through story telling. Sharing the experiences of parents during and after their stay in neonatal intensive care.

untitled (6)Empower mothers to share their stories with health professionals, creating a “things to know about me & my early baby” postcard.

untitled (6)Link up with health care professionals, highlighting the link between PTSD and time spent in neonatal intensive care, so that timely and appropriate support can be given.

imagesG5IGIJEMIt really is all about the Small Things, but it’s the Small Things that matter!

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