Mumsnet 2016 Best Campaigner Award – Shortlisted!

I am thrilled and so very proud to announce that The Smallest Things have been shortlisted for the Mumsnet 2016 Best Campaigner Award!

It was a wonderful and very unexpected surprise when I received the notification yesterday evening; and it is a huge honour to be included alongside 5 other inspirational women who have all shared their own experiences to help others.


The recognition of our campaign now is particularly timely – our PETITION to extend maternity leave for mothers of babies born too soon nears 20,000 signatures and it comes just days before the launch of our NEW  Smallest Things red book Preemie Proud stickers.

Although The Smallest Things, launched in September 2014, campaigns for better care for parents following a NICU stay and for extended maternity leave for parents of premature babies, our site also offers hope and support to parents.

“Your site helped me to understand what we had been through…..unless you have lived it, no one truly understands x”

“I had PND and even now 6 years down the track I panic when I hear a baby cry- I thought it might be PTSD but was unsure. Your article has helped me to know that I am not alone.”

Just been reading your blog & it’s so reassuring to know that a lot of the thoughts & feelings I had whilst baby was in special are common amongst prem baby mums! Hated my thought train at times but now know it’s not just me!”

The three finalists will be chosen through a public votes; so please, if you’d like to help make The Smallest Things matter, VOTE for The Smallest Things in the Best Campaigner category.  click here and VOTE NOW!

Why not share the link with your friends and family too?


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