Watch! The #NotMatLeave Film

We are hugely grateful to the film company Little Whale for producing and sharing their own story in support of our #NotMatLeave campaign.  

Check out their short film here –

If you like the film as much as we do then please help us to share the #NotMatLeave message far and wide. It’s easy – just click on the Facebook and Twitter buttons now! 

Sign the petition! Extend Maternity Leave for Mothers of Premature Babies. 

4 thoughts on “Watch! The #NotMatLeave Film

  1. ifrscounts

    What an amazing film. I wish I’d done this. I have twins who were born at 28 weeks. I have never known stress like the time they spent in SCBU/NICU, especially when you’re told one of your babies will die! As predicted by me, my daughter didn’t. This film reminded me of all the video film I took in hospital. Probably due to the stress in my subconscious associated with filming, I haven’t done much since! What I did notice, was that nobody seemed to realise that Dads get just as upset and stressed as Mums. Whenever stopped by well-wishers, I was always asked how Mum was coping with having the babies in hospital, but NEVER asked how I was coping with going to work every day, then spending every night at the hospital! This is a Dad’s perspective.
    My children are now 14 years old and both doing well at school and they are developing into caring young people who have a good outlook on life!


    1. Theresa

      I too had premature twins delivered at 31 weeks. My smallest twin weighed barely 2 lb. After 3 days we were split up as the smaller baby had to be transferred to a Regional Centre for treatment in the SCBU. He was there for 3 weeks whilst my other twin was at our local hospital in NNU. After a c section I couldn’t drive and, as a single parent, was dependent on family support. I only saw my other twin twice a week for 3 weeks. The separation was unbearable but the smaller twin was too unwell to leave for longer periods. My boys were born in December and didn’t come home until February. The smaller twin had to stay in hospital longer. Home now and all well but it was such a hard time. I feel deprived of 2 months spending quality time with my boys.


  2. Kelly

    Mat leave should not start when a child is born prematurely, it’s not a choice, nor a real date that the family can share properly. Instead it’s spent worrying, wondering if your child is going to make another day. Spent in hospitals with monitors and feeling tubes. By the time you get home your mag leave is almost up. This is the time that you need to bond with your baby, it’s the only time you’ve had with no doctors or nurses around. The time you all deserved. Instead, you may have to go back to work and provide for the little one and pay for your house you all live in, and the pay the people to look after your child. This is wrong so wrong. Please change this.



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