Company policy changed in just 7 days – more time for parents of premature babies

Lena made a change to support parents of premature babies in just 7 days after her friend experienced premature birth. She said “having to return to work only 18 weeks after giving birth, when her baby had only been home with them for two months. That’s what my friend had to do. And I don’t think that’s ok for anyone to have to do at any company.”

Signing up to The Smallest Things Employer with Heart charter GrantTree have pledged to extend paid parental leave for staff whose babies are born prior to 37 weeks gestation.

Welcoming the news Founder and Chair of The Smallest Things Charity Catriona Ogilvy said “Lena was able to change her companies policy in just 7 days and in doing so she has made an enormous difference to lives of staff affected by premature birth. We are delighted that GrantTree have recognised the significant impact premature birth has upon parents and the additional time will support their staff through and after the trauma of neonatal intensive care.”

Lena told The Smallest Things “As a company we don’t want to sacrifice our happiness for commercial success and supporting premature parents at a time of need seemed a necessary and compassionate step to take. Implementing the policy change took only seven days and has been welcomed by everyone. Seeing the company embrace the policy has made me immensely proud to work at GrantTree.”

GrantTree follow in the footsteps of music giant Sony, Medway NHS Foundation Trust and local authorities up and down the country.

Find out more about The Smallest Things Employer with Heart charter or contact Catriona directly at to follow in the footsteps of companies like GrantTree.

! While you’re here, more than 229,00 people have signed our petition calling upon government to extend parental leave for families affected by premature birth. Will you sign and add your name?

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