Fundraise – The Smallest Things Picnic Weekend!

“Time for a picnic? My favourite time! Today is the perfect day for a picnic with friends or family, what fun it will be.” Winnie the Pooh.

On the last weekend of June we encourage family and friends of those born premature to host and organise a charity picnic. This is an opportunity for you to get together a group of friends and family and have some fun in your garden, the park or any place of your choice. You organise the food, drinks and fun games for everyone and ask them to make a small donation for attending and joining in the fun. 

All donations support the work of the Smallest Things and help us make a difference for families of premature babies beyond the neonatal unit.

Can anyone organise a Smallest Things Picnic? 

Yes! Anyone with an interest in our charity and improving the lives of families with premature babies is welcome to get involved. 

When is it? 

The Smallest Things picnic weekend will be held on the last weekend of June each year, highlighting the work of our charity and the needs of premature babies and their families following neonatal intensive care. However, you can of course organise a picnic on our behalf or fundraise at any time and in a variety of ways throughout the year.

What do I need to do? 

Just find somewhere to have your picnic, invite those you want to come along, prepare some food and off you go. You might want to have it in your garden for a small group, or go to a park or the beach with a bigger group – you decide! Just make sure you have permission if needed. You might like to think about organising some games, may be take along a cricket bat or football, or perhaps a teddy bear picnic or summer holiday theme. It’s up to you and we can’t wait to see your pictures!

Don’t forget food and drinks – we suggest keeping it simple and remember that people have allergies and likes / dislikes, especially young children. If you have great picnic food ideas then share them with us and don’t forget everyone likes cake!!  

Make sure you take some pictures of the event and if everyone at the picnic is happy for you to share them put some on social media with the hashtag #SmallestThingsPicnic  

How much money do I need to raise? 

As much as you can – we appreciate fundraising is challenging so whatever amount you raise, big or small will be greatly appreciated and will help us support premature babies and their families. 

How do I send you the money? 

We have an account with Justgiving – – just click on Donate and send us the money you have raised direct to our bank account! Easy!