Neonatal Leave – Campaigning for Families of Premature Babies

This Summer the Smallest Things welcomed the Governments proposals to introduce Neonatal Leave and Pay for families in neonatal care, but your experiences and views matter most.

Right now the Government is consulting on their plans to introduce new Neonatal Leave and Pay which will allow every employed parent living in Britain to receive one week of paid leave for every week their baby receives neonatal care, up to a maximum number of weeks.

Have your Say!  Closing on 11th October it is important that parents respond to the government consultation, adding weight to the evidence that this change is needed. That is why after gathering parents views we have developed our Neonatal Leave and Pay Consultation – Smallest Things Top Ten Tips to Respond.

Born too soon or poorly, babies can spend weeks and months in hospital before their parents can bring them home. Fathers and partners juggle work and family commitments as paternity leave fails to cover the time they need whilst their baby remains in neonatal intensive care; and mothers recovering from the trauma of premature birth wait beside incubators hoping for the precious moment they can hold their child.

Thousands back the campaign

The Smallest Things premature baby charity has campaigned for extended parental leave for mums and dads following premature birth since 2015.

  • More than 345, 000 people have now signed the petition calling on government to extend paid parental leave for parents following premature birth.
  • In 2016 the charity met with then business Minister Margot James MP. Our campaign and meeting with the Minister was instrumental in the government announcing their 2017 Mothers Day pledge to introduce new ACAS Guidelines on how employers could best support staff whose babies are admitted to neonatal care.
  • The charity supported the work of ACAS in developing new guidelines for employers.
  • The guidelines did not go far enough though and in February 2018 The Smallest Things launched the Employer with Heart charter, asking business not to wait for government to make this change, but to extend leave now for their staff whose babies are born premature.
  • More than 100,000 employees now benefit from access to extended parental leave as part of The Smallest Things Employer with Heart charter.
  • In 2018/19 we worked with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, hosting focus group of parents, sharing first hand experiences to feed into their short, focused review into parental leave provision for families in neonatal care.
  •  In August 2019 The Smallest Things welcomed the news that the Government would consult on plans to introduce a ‘Neonatal Leave’ for families in neonatal intensive care.

Have your say:

The Smallest Things have gathered parents’ views and have produced a ‘Top Ten Tips’ to completing the government consultation –Neonatal Leave and Pay Consultation – Smallest Things Top Ten Tips to Respond

Don’t miss out. 

It’s time to HAVE YOUR SAY!

The DEADLINE to respond is – 11th October 2019

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