Top Tens!

top tenWelcome to the Smallest Things TOP TENS!

Our Top Tens are popular because they are real! Complied with the help of  parents who have lived the NICU experience, they are a true reflection of what NICU parents want you to know.

We’ve found our Top Tens are a great way to illustrate the realities faced by parents journeying through NICU and beyond – giving helpful tips and friendly advice. Used to support parents and relatives new to NICU, to help those make sense of their journey after discharge, or as a tool to educate and raise awareness, we hope you find what you are looking for.

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top tenTOP TEN | What not to say

TOP TEN | How to support prem parents in hospital

top tenTOP TEN! | Raising awareness in 2015!

TOP TEN! | What I wish I’d known

top tenTOP TEN! | Did you know….



1 thought on “Top Tens!

  1. Vonstone Olivier-Xavier Wolfe

    Well meaning people say the darnedest things. They often ton’t mean to dagger you, but they cannot help themselves. One of the daggers that my wife and I endured on an almost daily basis was, “…my, he is early, isn’t he?” They go on the expound on the fact that 30 years ago a 25 6/7 baby wouldn’t have stood much of a chance. We started to point out early and often that our son was here at the right time, God’s appointed time. @GRANDFATHEROFTHENICU



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