Premature parents often describe themselves as being on a roller-coaster journey, lost in an environment they don’t recognise or ever knew existed. Every birth is different, but the reality of having a baby to soon is very different to any other experience; a reality where a mother is totally unprepared and has to leave her new baby everyday.

It was a huge relief to me when I discovered other premature parents and mums felt the same as I did. No one warned me that I would be stopped by strangers in the street to ask questions about my tiny baby. I did not know I would have to explain to other mothers, my GP and health visitor why our 3 month old baby still looked and acted like a new born. And no one warned about the flash backs or anxiety that could develop after discharge.

The Smallest Things campaigns to raise awareness – can you help?

NEW!!! Smallest Things Volunteers Campaigners Pack – download you pack now Smallest Things Volunteer Pack

untitled (4)Social Media – Share our site on social media. Post on our Facebook page and write about the #SmallestThings on twitter.

untitled (4)Educate – Arrange to meet with your health visiting team or GP. Tell them your story and share your experiences as a parent of a baby born too soon. What out for our “What I’d like you to know” packs coming soon…

untitled (4)Contact your MP – Ask you MP to support extended parental leave for mothers of premature babies. Here are our 5 reasons to extend maternity leave which you can share with them. Find a draft letter to your MP in our Smallest Things Volunteer Pack

untitled (4)Share – Write about your own experiences and share your story with us. We publish lots of neonatal and beyond stories, just get in touch at e.




The Smallest Things is campaigning to extend parental leave for mothers of babies born too soon – have you signed our PETITION?

untitled (4)SIGN NOW! – “extend parental leave for mothers of babies born prematurely”







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